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The Easiest Ribs You'll Ever Make!

When it comes to bbq you'll start to see I am very basic when it comes to my methods of cooking. I rarely inject, wrap, or do any of the other things some people will tell you need to make perfect bbq. When it comes to bbq the only things you will ever really need is, Smoke, Meat, A Good Rub, and A Great BBQ Sauce (insert shameless plug for my company).

The Prep:

Pull ribs from your fridge and move them to your prep area.

Remove the membrane from the back of the ribs.

I don't normally use a binder but if you do this is the time to add it to top of the ribs.

Generously season the top of your ribs with rub. Give it a good pat to make sure it stays in place. (I also don't normally add rub to the bottom of the ribs as there is no meat there)

At this point you can add them to the smoker and relax.

The Cook:

Get your smoker to 250.

Add the ribs to the smoker, the side with the most meat is the side you'll want to face the heat.

This is where the waiting begins. You're going to smoke them for about 4 hours no wrap and no peaking. When the four hours is up check them to see how far along they are. They should only have about an hour left.

Use the last hour to add sauce I usually add sauce at the beginning and middle of the final hour.

Use the bend test to check for doneness.

*Please not this will yield competition style ribs. For fall off the bone ribs, I ask you to find another website

If you want a video to help you out here is one of the first youtube videos I've ever made.

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