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Step Up Your Pulled Pork Game With This Competition Trick

Before I talk about one of the best things in BBQ I want to thank the OG himself Paulie G for lending a hand in this video and helping make it turn out as good as it did. You can find him on IG: C3BBQ

Today's post is going to step up your bbq game by a lot. You can use this to wow your friends, in laws, family, or whoever else you want.

The money muscle is one of the best parts of the pork butt, yet many people don't know what it is or even how to find it.

Let's start with what it is: The money muscle is a piece of the pork butt opposite of the bone that is tucked away and used less that the other muscles on the cut. This makes it much more tender to start off with. Once you cut it out it out and smoke it separate it becomes so tender and so delicious.

To find it is very easy there is a seam to follow as seen in the video just cut along that and you'll be well on your way to competition status.

Prep: After cutting out the Money Muscle (M.M.) you should rub it and pack it in the cooler or fridge till the rest of the butt is about 2 hours out (when the pork butt hits about 165-170). at that point toss the M.M. on the smoker with the rest of the meat and wait for it to start to become tender (about 180 IT) at this point its time to add some sauce. Let the sauce begin to form a glaze then pull (about 20 minutes). If you are eating at home you will want to slice and serve immediately. its too delicious to let it wait.

If you are serving for judges or for someone at home. Wait until you are ready to present to slice (if at a competition this just means if you aren't about to walk your box to the judges don't slice).

Heres the video if you need a better visual:

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