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I Made A Blog!

Well I made my idea of what a blog truly should be.

It seems to me that all blogs are now are ad's and filler nonsense so they can be better seen by search engines. As with all our content we intend for it not to be this way. You'll never see an add on our website, and I won't just write a bunch of words just to fill up the page. The intention of this blog is to use it as a writer form of my podcast and YouTube channel. I will link either or both at the end of each post as long as they are relevant, but the idea is to give you a place where the recipes can live so you won't have to always look back at a video and piece out what I have said you can just come here and find all the information needed in one click and minimal amount of scrolling.

Just be patient with us.

It may take some time to get all of the recipes and other things finally posted so I ask that you be patient with us. I plan to post the blogs when they are ready rather than post consistently on any given day of the week. Hope you are as excited as I am for this!

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