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Easy Smoked Wings!

Chicken Wings are by far one of my favorite things to smoke. Not only does it only take a few hours but they are so versatile. You can have several different flavors all in one cook, meaning you can test out all the brand new rubs or sauces all in one go.

The method for wings is super simple, and it produces a great product every single time


Make sure your smoker is at 300F

Next open up your wings package and start pulling them out.

This is where you will want to add any rub you plan to use.

Once they have been covered in rub, place them on the smoker. (if you are using multiple rubs you'll want to make sure they are sectioned off, to help identify them later)


At 300 the wings should only take about 1.5-2 hours. A lot of people will tell you to smoke at a lower temp then raise it up near the end for crispy skin but I've always found that at 300 you always get great crispy skin.

You will want to temp check the wings before pulling. You are looking for an Internal Temp of 165, But I don't typically pull them till closer to 170 IT.

Once you pull them from the smoker is the best time to add sauce. Generally I like to add them to a big bowl of sauce and give them a good couple of tosses.

If you need a visual aid check out this video:

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