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Easy Pulled Pork Recipe

So I've shown you the trick to competition BBQ pulled pork in an earlier post, so I should probably let you how I typically make pulled pork for family and friends. This method like all my others is super easy to follow, so let's jump in.

Start with any sized Bone-in Pork Butt. For me I find that a 9 pound butt is a good average size.

Remove it from the package and set it on a large cutting board fat side down.

Using your favorite BBQ Seasoning, begin to shake over the entire piece. Using the opposite hand as the shaking hand rub the seasoning in make sure to cover the top and sides. (its okay to go a little heavy on seasoning here)

Once you have the seasoning rubbed in flip the butt over and cover the fat side with seasoning.

Let the pork butt sit while you get your smoker up to temp. You'll want to be at 275 F. (the higher temp usually allows you to skip over the stall (allowing you to cook a butt in about 6-8 hours)

Once the smoker has gotten up to temp, place the butt on the smoker, face the bone side towards the heat source. (Fat side up or fat side down is a largely debated topic but I generally go with fat side up, but it doesn't make much of a difference)

After the first 3 hours have passed you can spritz every hour if you like, I suggest using something like apple juice or apple cider. (normally I'll skip this step)

At around the 6 hour mark if you went fat side up you should notice the fat start to split, this is a good indicator that the butt is getting close to done.

You should begin to start the probe test to check and see how much time the butt has left before having to be pulled off.

2 Things here. The probe test is using a long thin skewer or even a thermometer to check on tenderness, this is something thats hard to explain/ show because its based on feel. The idea is that when poking into the butt it should glide right through the meat with no resistance. You'll want to make sure to check several spot to ensure the butt is cooked thoroughly. Second thing, I prefer this method over something like Internal temperature because that doesn't always tell the full story some butts can be done before reaching the typical 200 F IT or may need to pass that temp in order to be the perfect tenderness.

Once the butt is probe tender all the butt to rest for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Then begin to pull. you can either buy some claws or get a pair of gloves and get to work with your hands

As always heres a video to help you visualize what I've written:

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