Our Company History

Our Story Starts with Paulie G himself, a self-taught pitmaster who created our original recipe after realizing the current market wasn't going to cut it. At first the sauce was only intended to compliment the barbecue he created for friends and family. That soon changed when Paulie decided to open a barbecue catering company in a small town in Pennsylvania. Soon not only was the barbecue popular but so was the sauce. To satisfy the people he began to bottle and sell it. After a move from PA to SC, Paulie stopped the catering but still continued to sell our sauce through Facebook. Unfortunately, around this same time shipping prices were on the rise and it didn't make sense to continue the business. Which is where I come in to make it a true family business. Although the business wasn't there anymore the passion for making barbecue was still there so we decided to start a competition team to enter local competitions. During those few years of competition is where I began my love for this amazing style of cooking. I then decided to give the sauce business another shot. In November of 2018 I officially launched and haven't looked back! I   hope you'll join us in this crazy journey we have ahead of us.